Youtube Subscriber Auction Methods

The question of how to increase Youtube subscribers has come to the forefront by being a platform with 300 shares per minute with a history of about 10 years and close to 5 billion videos viewed daily. The most important issue on Youtube is to increase the number of subscribers, as you can make your shares reach more people according to the number of subscribers. As your subscriber count increases, your showing on trends and suggested videos will increase, so you’ll be sharing to more users.

There are supports for Youtube subscriber increase methods for a fee and options that you can apply yourself. You can start earning money through different channels such as Youtube ads, special advertisements given by commercial companies by increasing your subscriber count with the methods mentioned below.

Open or Buy a New Channel

Those starting from scratch must first open or buy a Youtube channel. Those who want to start for free can start by designing their own channel. The first thing you need to do is decide which area to create content in and determine an engaging channel name. You also need to make channel logo and remarkable videos. Sharing a video on the channel you open for the first time won’t get you anything. However, it would be a better start if you started by uploading 15 – 20 videos.

As a second option, you can get a pre-opened channel for a fee. Youtube has 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours as a requirement for those who want to benefit from advertising revenues. In other words, it is not possible to earn advertising revenue without reaching 1000 subscribers and existing on Youtube for 4000 hours. That’s why you can buy channels with 1,000 ready-made subscribers that meet the 4000-hour requirement. However, if you want to set up a lower fare, you can buy much more affordable channels that have 1,000 subscribers but have not exceeded the 4000-hour limit. When you buy such a channel, what you need to do is increase your subscriber count by paying attention to your shares.

Share Regular and Continuous New Content

Your shares are very important for Youtube subscriber increase. By preparing quality content, you can both increase the number of subscribers and make your channel go higher. Here’s what you should pay attention to in your content;

  • Upload at least 4 – 5 videos per week.
  • Set a strategy in your videos and progress through your strategy regularly.
  • Prepare titles, descriptions and tags for your video, taking into account SEO rules.
  • Set the cover image interesting for your video. The remarkable cover image people encounter before opening your content will allow more people to watch your video.
  • Follow trends to see how videos are made and content that interest people the most. Take this type of interesting videos as an example. But it is very important that you do not imitate here. Produce your content by improving it instead of imitating it.
  • Take care of comments for your videos. Respond to the comments one by one and like them. Your user interaction will be more prominent in search results on your channel by Youtube, while allowing you to attract more users.

Create a Trailer for Your Channel

It is important that you welcome visitors to your channel well. Create a trailer for this. Trailer should summarize who you are, your content, and why your channel needs to be subscribed to. The trailer you have prepared is heartfelt, sincere and should appeal to each buyer. If the trailer you added didn’t help increase your follower count, you should change it.

The promotional video you have prepared should be interesting. You can think of it as a trailer for a movie. Just as it’s low to watch a movie when a movie’s trailer isn’t liked, your subscriber count will be low if your promotional video isn’t liked. To make an engaging promotional video, you can watch the trailer of Youtube channels with a large number of subscribers.

Paid Youtube Subscriber Increase Methods

Besides your own efforts, you can also create a good Youtube channel with professionally paid support. Paid Youtube subscriber increase methods can be listed as follows;

  • You can buy subscribers. You can make purchases in packages based on the number of subscribers. According to the criteria such as the number of subscribers you receive, the fact that it consists of Turkish users and real people and not bots, fees are determined for the number of subscribers.
  • You can buy views for your videos. You can highlight your videos with views you receive in packages in different figures such as 1,000, 2,000, 20,000, 100,000. As with the number of subscribers, the number and quality of views you receive will increase and the fee will increase.
  • You can buy ready-made channels. You can start using it by purchasing ready-made channels that have reached 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 subscribers. The more subscribers and Youtube history of the channel you receive, the more it will cost.
  • You can get professional support in managing your own channel. Depending on the scope of the support you receive, you may have requests such as preparing content, pulling content, and so on. Fees may vary according to your requests.

As Youtube subscriber boost tips, we also recommend linking your account with other social media accounts, constantly following your video analytics, adding buttons to your video that make it easier to subscribe, and remembering to use phrases like “don’t forget to subscribe to my channel” at the end of your videos.


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