What is Yandex Metrica

For those of you who are wondering what Yandex metrica is, let’s say it now. This app is a service for organizing website traffic and observing users’ behavior. Google Analytics is shown as a competitor. Both have their own pros and cons.

What can be done using Yandex Metrica?

Using Yandex Metrica, you can measure:

  • Traffic sources,
  • The total amount of time spent on pages,
  • Your page with the most visitors,
  • Exit pages,
  • Conversions
  • The number of sessions,
  • The rate of immediate outing,
  • Your e-commerce performance,
  • Characteristics of your audience, such as gender and age.

Yandex Metrica’s Heat Map and Webvisor Feature

Yandex metrica has become a popular service product thanks to its heat map and Webvisor features. And you don’t need to have the information to take advantage of these products. It’s quite simple to use, so you should let pages guide you without having to ask how to use Yandex metrica.

Thanks to the heat map feature, the places clicked on the site serve as heat maps without having to use another tool. If users accidentally click on a place, it’s shown on the map to distinguish that it’s wrong. Thus, those who set the page determine which regions attract more attention, which regions should be developed or completely removed.

The Webisor feature allows each different session to be viewed in the form of video. In this way, especially e-commerce sites have detailed information about how shopping takes place.

Page Scroll Maps With Yandex Metrica

Thanks to the page scroll maps, it is determined which areas should be protected on the site and which areas should be removed. Together with this feature, you can analyze at what stage users stop filling out forms, why they quit. One of the advantages offered is that Metrica does real-time reporting. In this way, it is possible to instantly find out how much a content is read. After you instantly obtain the read data, you can determine where you can place.

What to Know About Yandex Metrica

Here’s what to know about Yandex metrica:

  • The app is completely free.
  • 35% of Turkey’s internet traffic is used by Metrica.
  • Companies using the Metrica app include news sites and public institutions.
  • With the app, Yandex ad revenue increases significantly.
  • Thanks to its simple interface, it is user-friendly.
  • With the help of Yandex Turkey teams, you can start using the advanced features of the application.
  • You can use the service to get a better look at your internet traffic network.
  • Yandex Metrica services do not have any restrictions.
  • Yandex metrica report drafts are specially prepared for sites created for different purposes.
  • You can then register your reports for quick access.
  • With click maps, you can identify where a site attracts attention and where it doesn’t.

What are the Advantages of Using Yandex Metrica?

The advantages of Yandex Metrica can be listed as follows:

  • Provides information about where websites should be developed,
  • Reveals the missing aspects of the site,
  • Since it offers instant data, you can make quick changes and edits,
  • You don’t have to pay when you do the analysis,
  • You don’t have to be trained to use analytics tools. Thanks to the easy use of the site, almost anyone can easily use the app.
  • You can discover your potential customers.
  • You can determine how your customers can make more purchases.


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