What is Retro Marketing and How to Do It?

If you need to answer the question of what is retro marketing; it is a marketing method that triggers nostalgic memories in the mind of the target audience. With people taking emotional action, it is ensured that they decide to buy the product. Memories of the old give a sense of continuity and meaning, and that’s why people turn to spending when they see ads about the old. In order to do retro marketing, it is necessary to establish a connection with the old ideas of the brand in its former form. Also, if a link to the brand’s history cannot be established; an advertisement with the conditions of the old period can also be put forward. It is a method that costs less than other marketing methods.

What Are the Reasons Why Brands Use Retro Marketing?

Here are why brands use retro marketing:

  • Brands can choose retro marketing to celebrate their anniversary. This is due to their desire to increase trust in their brand by considering what a well-established company they are.
  • Retro marketing is preferred if a product or service offered in the past is put back on sale.
  • It can be preferred in situations such as aiming to position the brand in a different place from its location or to change the image of the brand.

How should retro marketing be done?

If you need to answer the question of how to do retro marketing; here’s what to do based on the area of activity:

  • If a highly established brand of shoes wants to make retro production, it is necessary to re-launch a shoe that it used to produce and which is highly appreciated according to the conditions of the period.
  • If the target audience consists of postmodern consumers; it should not be removed from the old-fashioned form of the product in question and it should add comfort to the product together with the new technology. Retro nova should be aimed at a combination.
  • If a change in the architectural field is to be made, nostalgia should be added so that it can be seen at first sight.

What are the things to consider when using Retro Marketing?

Here’s what to consider when using retro marketing:

  • For nostalgic marketing, inspiration needs to be identified. This method should not be used until a purpose is determined.
  • It is necessary to know the target audience well, to observe their needs and to know their preferences. A marketing strategy that meets the needs of the target audience must be determined. In addition, it is necessary to come up with ideas that do not go against the identity of the brand.
  • In retro marketing, a communication should be established that will direct the target audience to social media. A strategy should be prepared for the target audience returning to the past to explain this situation to its surroundings with various social media interactions.
  • A marketing can be made by making references to or including some of the memories found in the brand’s past. This situation is persuasive on the target mass.
  • In retro marketing, it is necessary not only to observe the past. A bridge must be established between the past and the now. This bridge must be built through details.

What are Retro Marketing Examples?

Examples of retro marketing include:

  • In honor of its 57th anniversary, Migros used the retro marketing method to organized a campaign in 2011. It has put some of the products sold 57 years ago on sale for a short time with the same packaging.
  • In 2013, Sana changed its product packaging for the 60th year. He also released an ad for his 60th year. In this advertisement, images related to the brand of the past and nostalgic music were used.
  • Games such as the former Atari Retro Box, Commodore 64 Mini, The Super Retro Boy have been re-released.
  • The ’80s items in Stranger Things, a reference to the ’80s, are an example of retro marketing of the ’80s.


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