What is IGTV

For those who are wondering what Igtv is, IGTV is a video app offered by Instagram. Thanks to Igtv, the new feature of Instagram, you can watch videos on Instagram for longer periods than the duration of the videos available on the stream. It’s a standalon app, but it’s included in the Instagram app. It was first released on June 20, 2018. Free.

What are IGTV Features?

The features of IGTV can be listed as follows:

  • It allows users to watch some kind of TV,
  • You can watch videos in Youtube quality,
  • When you watch a video, wherever you’ve been in the video before, you pick up where you left off when you click on the video again,
  • Instagram users can upload long videos (videos uploaded to Instagram are up to 15 seconds long),
  • The audience that users are addressing can increase through videos.

What to Know About IGTV

If you are wondering how to use Igtv, it is worth you to know the features of the application. These features can be listed as follows:

  1. With IGTV, you can only upload and watch vertical videos.
  2. The image you want to get when you want to upload horizontal video can be bad.
  3. You can record directly from the phone.
  4. It is possible to upload videos to IGTV for up to 1 hour.
  5. Those who have a say in the technology industry have indicated that IGTV focuses more on internet celebrities.
  6. You can increase your views with an engaging cover photo.
  7. You can share your video on different platforms and watch more.
  8. With IGTV, users can shoot in line with their own content style.
  9. You can edit your shots for IGTV with the iMovie app.
  10. Anyone with an Instagram account can use IGTV.
  11. Videos play automatically on IGTV.
  12. IGTV is a platform where it is possible to interact. Other users may like and comment on your video and want to share it on different platforms.

What are the IGTV Categories?

IGTV has 3 different categories. These categories can be listed as follows:

  1. Category for you,
  2. Tracked category,
  3. Popular category.

For you, it recommends new ones based on the people you follow in the category and the videos you liked before.

In the category you follow, you’ll only see videos of who you’re following.

In the popular video category, you’ll see videos with high views.

Outside of these videos, you can search for any video from the search bar whenever you want to access the videos. When you start typing, the app will bring you the most suitable options for you.

How to Create Content on IGTV?

To start creating content on IGTV, just follow these steps:

  • Create channels on the platform,
  • Log in to the IGTV app.
  • On the screen you see, click settings.
  • Click Create channel.
  • Click the icon at the far right of the screen and go to the channel you created.
  • You’ll see the bio on your Instagram profile now added to IGTV.
  • At the bottom of the screen, point to Upload video.
  • Come to your phone’s gallery.
  • Upload your video to IGTV by selecting the video you want.

After uploading your videos, you’ll see an average percentage of views. This data is about how much people click on your videos. The Views section gives you the number of people who viewed the video for at least 3 seconds.

With likes, comment figures, and other statistical information, you can understand your channel’s popularity and improve yourself.

 Now that you know how to use IGTV, you can start enjoying IGTV by uploading your own videos. Feedback is the best way to understand what content is being seen on your channel.

If you wish, you can start sharing videos you have made for IGTV on your other social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) and increase your views.


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