What are Google Activations?

Google Activities, This is the part where some statistics are linked to Google users’ accounts. Only the owner of the account and Google can access these statistics. There is no question that the user and anyone otherthan Google can view the information contained in Google Activities. The statistics that can be viewed in Google Activities are as follows:

  • Sites visited,
  • Call history,
  • Shopping
  • Video search history,
  • YouTube searches,
  • Status of using applications,
  • The device entered,
  • Keywords used for search,
  • The time of the activity and the time spent with the activity,
  • Browser information.

How to Find Activities

The steps to follow for finding activities through Google Activities are as follows:

  • Enter the settings of your Android device or tablet.
  • On the “Google” tab, click the “Google Account” section.
  • Enter the “Data and Personalization” section.
  • Click “My Activity” in the “Crop and timeline” section.
  • You can view your activities on the page that opens.

Your google activity activities are sorted in days and hours. In this case, you can use the search bar or filtering options above to find the activity you want.

End Recording Activity

If you don’t want Google Activities to record your activities, here’s what to do:

  • Enter the settings section of your Android device or tablet,
  • Press the “Google Account” tab from “Google”.
  • Click “Data and personalization” at the top.
  • Find the “Activity controls” section and enter the “Manage your activity controls” section there.
  • You can close activities that you do not want saved on the tab that appears.

Activities Not Available in the “My Activity” Section

Not all your recorded activities are included in “My Activity”. Some activities saved within Google Activities are not displayed in this section. Because if the “Location History” feature is active, your activity is also included in the “Maps Timeline” section, not in the “My Activity” section. Here’s what you need to watch to view the activities in this section:

  • Open the “Settings” part of your Android device or tablet,
  • In the “Google” section, click “Google Account”.
  • Enter the “Data and personalization” section at the top.
  • On this tab you will see the “Activity and timeline” section.
  • Click the “My Activity” button at the bottom of this section.
  • On the “Other” tab, which you can see at the top right, enter the “Other Google Activities” section.

On the tab that opens, you can view your activities that are not displayed in the “My Activity” section.


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