Insert Music into an Instagram Story

The ability to add music to Instagram users’ stories is an app that Instagram has just offered its users. With this feature, Instagram users will now be able to add songs to the photos and videos they share in their stories. Here are the steps Instagram users need to follow to feature songs in their stories:

Select the photo you want to share in Instagram’s story from your gallery,
After you select your photo in Share stories via Instagram, swipe up or click the tag tab.
Check “music” from the options on this tab, such as “location, subject tag, mention.”
You can then choose one of the music recommended for you from the music option, or if you don’t like the suggested music, search for the music you want by typed the name of the music you want through the “search for music” option and add the music you want.
After you follow these steps, your process of adding music to the Instagram story will be complete.

With What Infrastructure Is Instagram Music Offered?
Ability to share music on Instagram stories It is a feature that was added after the Instagram and Spotify partnership. For this reason, music from Instagram stories is offered to users with Spotify infrastructure. Therefore, Instagram users can share all the music in the Spotify app in their stories.

Why Did Instagram Make Such an Attempt?
One of the reasons Instagram added music sharing in the story It is the shift of Instagram users towards the TikTok app. Therefore, Instagram is also thought to have brought an app that allows its users to add music to their Instagram stories to increase their competition with TikTok. With this feature, it is planned to prevent both users from having more and more enjoyable time in the Instagram app and other users from shifting to other social platforms.

Music Insertion Feature Will Also Feature Lyrics
In the story that Instagram has just developed and presented to its users, lyrics in the music sharing feature will be part of the story. Users who can add songs from the music library with more than 40 million songs to the videos and photos they share will be able to automatically find some of the story frame, along with the process of adding music to their Instagram story if the lyrics of the songs are available. Instagram users will also be able to use their own fonts for the lyrics of songs they share in their stories. This will make the stories instagram users share on their profiles more customizable.


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