How to Get More Views on Youtube?

Videos posted via Youtube provide access to subscribers and people looking for content in the relevant area. The answer to the question of how to gain more views on Youtube is explained in detail in the article. People who stream videos via Youtube earn based on the viewership and number of followers of the videos. Producing content of a level and quality that will appeal to followers will increase the viewership of videos. Youtube works with sorting algorithms just like Google. Content that appeals to searches is toped in the rankings, allowing people to access that video first.

What should be considered for watching Youtube Videos?

To make Youtube videos watched by more people, videos with quality content should be created. The more comprehensive and engaging the content of Youtube videos, the more increased the click rate of the videos. The titles of the videos should be made up of interesting words, and remarkable phrases should also be used in the video image. Youtube videos should always be up to date and constantly renewed. By opening a Youtube channel, promotions can be made in different fields and various marketing techniques can be used. Especially for businesses, the process of opening a Youtube account is more important and comprehensive than Youtube accounts created for other purposes. The bond between customer and company can be tightened by preparing remarkable videos with detailed information about the mission, vision, projects, works and management forms of enterprises. The impact of Youtube accounts is quite high for businesses to identify themselves and communicate with their customers one-on-one.

The Importance of The Names and Tags of Youtube Videos

Youtube searches work just like Google searches and the same principles apply. Looking at the data for 2018, 3 times the rate of Google search section, search was made through youtube search section. Although Youtube is not a search engine, the data determined shows that Youtube has significant search potential. The names of the videos and the tags used at the bottom of the videos are a kind of SEO and make the videos in the first place. Using the correct tags in the description section of uploaded videos and right next to the title will increase the number of views of Youtube videos. The importance of keywords is increasing, especially in the areas of creating Youtube accounts and managing channels for businesses. Direct video can be opened in Google and Youtube searches in the sector where businesses serve directly or by using labels with the names of businesses. Using tags correctly will increase the rate of promotion of businesses as well as increase the viewership of Youtube accounts.

Editing Youtube Thumbnail Pictures

The featured pictures on the cover of Youtube videos are called thumbnail pictures. These images, described as the introduction and cover of content, need to be as remarkable as possible. The main idea of the ingredients should be used in detail in thumbnail images. Thumbnail images can be captioned, multiple images can be used by combining frames from video content. If there are videos taken as continuations of each other, thumbnail images should be written on the number of videos of the series. The standards that Thumbnail images should have are listed as follows:

  • Thumbnail images must have dimensions of 1280X720 Px.
  • The types of images used can be prepared in JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG format.
  • Care should be made that thumbnail images are no more than 2Mb in size.

The titles of Youtube videos do not attract as much attention and are not read as the articles in thumbnail pictures. For this reason, informative articles about the content should also be included on the images.

Youtube Redirection should be made from Social Media Applications

Using social media accounts, direct redirects should be made to Youtube channels. Through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, link addresses can be used to access Youtube channels. Promotions about the content and topics of videos will increase the viewership of Youtube channels. Youtube business account and individual channels will have more views thanks to social media promotions.


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