How to Create a YouTube Account for Business

With Youtube accounts set up by businesses, google searches can get views by more people. The answer to the question of how to create a Youtube account for businesses and the basic strategies to know about the account are explained in detail in the article. Businesses setting up a Youtube account means they get a free ad source. The number of subscribers of Youtube accounts and the view rates of videos increase the recognition of businesses. By supporting Youtube accounts through different social media channels, the viewership of video content can be increased.

What to Do to Open a Youtube Account

Before opening a Youtube account for businesses, a Google account must be created on behalf of businesses. The Google account opened under the name of the company ensures that all social media channels are collected at a single door and that when communicating with customers, there is a quality Gmail account. When a Youtube account is created through a Google account, company employees can access and update accounts with the same password. Companies that have brand awareness through social media accounts and websites should support promotions through Youtube channels. Company accounts shaped by digital marketing strategies allow companies to make their promotions without spending extra advertising and positive returns are achieved. In shaping the Youtube characters of companies, the missions of the sectors and companies served should be included. On behalf of businesses

Things to Consider on businesses’ Youtube Account

When creating a Youtube account, the company’s Google account should be used. Youtube channels opened with a partner Google account will be connected to the Google+ and Google Hangouts apps. After the Google account is created, a quality page design should be determined on Youtube to represent the company. The name of the Youtube channel must be the name of the company directly. Abbreviation words or words that occur from different sentences will reduce the potential for recognition of companies. In social media and Youtube accounts opened on behalf of companies, the names of companies should be used directly and no other plugin should be included.

If there is a URL link opened on behalf of the company, a Youtube account must be created through this link. If there is no URL opened on behalf of the account and the URL addresses with the name of the account are taken directly, the nearest URL must be determined on the account name. However, no other word other than the company name should be used to open Youtube accounts. Sentences describing the company’s mission and adapting to SEO optimizations should be added to the description section of the Youtube channel. Links to the company’s website and other social media accounts should also be added to the description section. After the opening of the Youtube account for businesses, the arrangements of the account will be made via the “Channel Settings” option of the “My Channel” tab in the upper right corner of the Youtube homepage.

Viewers Can Be Increased by Editing Videos

Videos to be uploaded to Youtube accounts are limited to 15 minutes in the first stage. Businesses can extend video durations through the “Increase Your Limit” section based on the size of the videos they upload. Videos viewed on Youtube have an average length of 5 minutes, and longer videos are not much preferred. Businesses should pay attention to this detail and design the content of the videos they upload accordingly. Care should be taken to make the content uploaded to Youtube pages up-to-date and high quality. It should be noted that the transitions of the videos and the visual content used are in harmony. Channels with flawless video edits will be more preferred by people and viewership will increase.

What should be considered when uploading videos to Youtube Accounts?

When uploading videos to Youtube channels, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Youtube videos should be shared with everyone.
  • In the tags section of the video, keywords must be written that will optimise with video searches.
  • For everyone to arrive, the titles of the videos must be written with the relevant keywords.
  • Categories must be determined for videos.


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