Fonts Most Used On Websites

Below is a list of the most used fonts on websites:

  • Google: Catull BQ
  • Facebook: Klavika (Modified)
  • Twitter: Pico Alphabet (Modified)
  • Youtube: Alternate Gothic No. 2
  • Linkedin: Myriad Pro Bold
  • Skype: Helvetica Rounded Bold
  • Vimeo: Black Rose
  • Flick: Frutiger Black
  • Yahoo: Yahoo Font
  • Instagram: Billabong
  • Tumblr: Bookman Old Style Bold

Fonts Used by Designers

Font selections also have an important place when creating designs. Designers are generally not constantly indecision in font selects. Because some fonts do not contain Turkish characters or each font cannot provide an accurate image in the applied designs. Therefore, the right fonts need to be used to make the designs more effective. The following is a list of fonts that designers can use in their designs:

  • Basic Font
  • Cabin Fontu
  • Cardo Fontu
  • Courgette Fontu
  • Open Sans Fontu
  • PT Sans Font
  • Raleway Fontu
  • Roboto Fontu

Basic Font

The Basic font is legible and sans-serif. It is more of a preferred font for creating titles or menus.

Cabin Fontu

The Cabin font is influenced by the characters of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill, the Cabin font family. It is an italic font.

Cardo Fontu

A Cardo font is a bold, italic, and regular font that contains characters in many languages.

Courgette Fontu

A Courgette font is a type of font used in logo designs.

Open Sans Fontu

The Open Sans font is a font used in the new version or in the titles of a new page production.

PT Sans Font

The PT Sans font is a font with a wide range of uses. There are writing styles such as Regular, Regular Italic, Bold, Bold Italic.

Raleway Fontu

The Raleway font has a sans serif font.

Roboto Fontu

Roboto font is a type of font that is also used in The Google Android Operating System and Chrome browser. In addition, roboto font is in the second place of the most preferred font types.

Fount Bookmarks And Fonts

Thanks to the fount system, it is very easy to create the type, font weight, size and style of the type to be used on the website. First, the Fount tool must be added to the web browser as a place name to take advantage of this application. The following is what to do to add the Fount tool to the web browser:

  • Fount’s website must be accessed first.
  • After login to the website, the Fount bookmark must be held with the computer’s mouse and dragged to the browser’s bookmark bar.
  • Fount, which is added to the bookmark of a Web browser, can be easily used in the selecting of type styles to be used on web pages.
  • In addition, the bookmark must be re-clicked to close Fount.

Fount works in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE8+.

WhatFont Chrome Font

WhatFont is a website font that operates only in Chrome and determines which font to use on a web page is the most accurate. The following is information about how to add the WhatFont Chrome extension to browsers:

  • In order to add and use the WhatFont Chrome extension in the web browser’s over-the-ground, the desired action can be done easily and quickly by first entering the Chrome Web Store and clicking on the “Add blue Chrome” section in the upper right corner of the “WhatFont” tab.
  • After clicking on the WhatFont Chrome extension added to the web browser’s over-the-ground, you can easily access the information about what fonts are used on websites.
  • In addition to the font with WhatFont Chrome, features such as size, color and width of the font can be learned to the finest detail.


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